Five and five

  • by Jeremy Caudle
  • Posted under journal

I’ve been battling a feeling lately. It’s been tough to figure out and I am starting to think I might have pinpointed what’s causing it. The cause, is this website. My personal website has been the one thing that I’ve put the most work into, but consistently gets set to the side whenever things get a bit busy in life.

The last time I posted was almost six months ago. I posted about overcoming obstacles in the video game, Elden Ring. At the time, it was my little way of celebrating a struggle against the most difficult boss in the game. It was nice to have my own place to share that achievement outside of texting about it with friends and family. Back to that feeling…

I think writing more in the past and revisiting, maybe even reliving in a way, helped me.

I’m going to be reworking this site from the ground up over the next few months and releasing a new version on September 8 of this year. I’ll be transitioning the site over to a new CMS as well. Wish me luck, reader. The thought of someone other than myself reading this is funny, but I hope there are a few of you out there. I’ll do my best to make this site worth reading in the future, but I’ll be prioritizing it for my use first. I have to make it easy to stick with and then I’ll improve it.